why do they get all the fun?

May 06, 2012
When boochbeard and grandy say the previously on pirate 101 why do ratbeard and Bonnie always get to do it? Egg shen said it a couple of times during moo shu and old scratch said it during the duck of death story but what about the other companions?
Quiet Zachary Armstrong

First Mate
Dec 12, 2011
I believe El Toro said it at least once... [i think]

Oct 27, 2009
One thing Ratbeard, Bonnie, Old Scratch and El Toro have in common is that everyone, regardless of pirate class will get them following the quest line. For voice overs, it would be easier to have most of them done by the ones everyone has. Maybe they only threw in a few with our first crew members.