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Why do musketeers shoot electricity?

Dec 22, 2010
Okay, so I am a musketeer. I love being a musketeer . But I do have something that bothers me. Why do musketeers shoot lightning/electricity/zappy stuff? Was it added in to make it more kid friendly? I know how in beta the image for the waiting screen it was Gandry and Boochbeard running away from a giant boulder, but Gandry was shooting like a real gun back in that time should (some fire and then yeah). Now on the new image Gandry be shootin' lightnin'!!! What's up with lightning? or electricity? or zappy stuff?

Well to wrap up my question I have one more thing to add on. If a person ate him/her self, what would happen? Would he become a bigger mass? Or disappear all together!!!???

Fearlesss Finnagin Voss

This concern was addressed back in June 2012 during Alpha. The decision was made that "guns" are supposed to be non-lethal weapons (sparkshooters) that knock an opponent out with a burst of energy. The message that these project energy, not bullets, was expressed much better in Beta than it was in the Alpha product of Pirate101 . . . both visually and through dialog at the beginning of the game.

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