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Why are we still looking for pieces of map?

May 10, 2010
Quick question,

I am not sure why we are still looking for pieces of El Dorado's map, when after we defeat Deacon in Motherlode mines, we get a photograph of our mother and others holding, now get this, EL DORADO's Map!

Go figure, the map is right there in front of us, they are even nice enough to hold it up for us to get a clear view of it. I feel like this is a hey, McFly moment! Hello, anybody home?

An interesting notion, but you need to consider how the map works - there is no X marking a spot: instead, very complicated astrological and mathematical charts printed in the margins allow the map owner, once they do a hefty bit of math, to predict where and when the Stormgate to El Dorado will next appear, based on the current date. The whole point of the second half of the MooShu story was learning how to read those charts and do the math. You'll still need all the charts to make the calculations, however; even 6 pieces are not enough.

Now, as to deciphering all that detail from the photo, it is theoretically possible, I suppose, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Remember, it was taken with a 19th century first generation camera, not a 20 megapixel digital monster. Ever notice how grainy old photos are? Good luck reading all those blurry little tables. To make matters worse, the photograph as it appears in game is depicted actual size. I hope you have a powerful enough microscope...

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Dag nab it!!!

I knew I should have turned left at Albuquerque!!!

Whats up doc!?

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May 10, 2010
Great explanation there Blind Mew, you always pull through, but how do you know what we can see on the map and what we cant see, Blind Mew, you are blind? Thanks for the information and clarification, though...

I look forward to learning more about the maps, but not all the math homework you are about to give us!