White-Tailed Jackalope

Oct 13, 2012
Ok so I finshied the quest for the white tailed jackalope but I didn't get it.Is this a bug or something?

Just out of curiosity, was your backpack full of loot already? If yes, you may want to check your bank. If not, you may want to contact support@pirate101.com with the issue.

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I assume you mean you achieved the badge that rewards the Jackalope?

Its not a quest reward. You have to visit all (or at least a number of) the places in Cool Ranch to have achieved the required badge. If the typical quest line is followed, it usually is rewarded the moment you "enter" Motherload Mine in Haunted Sky, completeing the dungeon/quest in Motherlode Mine is not part of the badge requirement. As I recall its the "Frontier Drifter" badge.

Other than that, I would check your bank like Jack recommended!

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Sep 08, 2008
If you do all quests, including side quests, in Cool Ranch, you automatically get the pet. Since in the process, you will explored or seen all the 'important' places the badge needs you to see.

I never had to do any outside work or walk another step, I automatically got my pet after defeating the deacon.