Which class is best for soloing?

May 17, 2014
I wanna solo the game and do not plan on making much questing friends, so I was wondering which class is the best for it.

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Mar 16, 2012
Nicole ShadowSong on Dec 19, 2014 wrote:
I wanna solo the game and do not plan on making much questing friends, so I was wondering which class is the best for it.
Privateer, because you get the most companions and for those buffs and heals. If you want more action, I'd go with a Swashbuckler ( my personal favorite ) !

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Jun 17, 2013
I think best just depends on your preferred combat & overall play style and whether you mean best as most enjoyable or easiest. I myself have only 1 max pirate, with all others level 12 or below. I pretty much soloed 100% of the game on my Buccaneer and really had no problems along the way. A couple times friends popped in and out of battle, but that was more for just pleasant company and conversation. Actually, a lot of lower levels ported in unannounced when I was near max, which made the battles even tougher, since they were unable to hold their own weight and often bobbled about as I tried to fend off the extra high level enemies they brought with them.

But overall, I think any and all classes have equal charm, fun factor and solo-ability, if you work to keep your crew and pirate properly trained. Each class may struggle slightly more in one world or certain locations in each world due to the amazing job KI did of focusing on keeping each class of pirate on their respective toes. Some classes struggle more in the early going, while another class breezes through that same spot. And then the tables get turned and the class that had a rough go of things in the early stages gains a competitive edge in the later worlds-- with the other class also experiencing a bit of a role reversal. All in all if you keep your pirate and crew trained in useful talents and epics, seek out and complete all available side quests through the various locales, pay attention to combat strategies and learn what crew & enemy combatants bring to the table-- you can easily breeze through the game and enjoy it tremendously at the same time.

So, maybe just pick a class that seems up your alley & let the fun begin. Just remember...in order to maximize the entertainment value & fun factor, make sure to turn your sound up, actually take time to read the clever and oft hilarious dialogue, look out for fun references and take in all of the breathtaking scenery/art that the Spiral has to offer.

There's coolness and awesome around every Skyway bend!

Nov 23, 2011
Hi Nicole. I have a swashbuckler and a buccaneer who reached lvl 65 solo. Of the two, the bucky had a bit more trouble mid-levels, but my impression at the time was his more challenging period was more the result of weaker gear than his swashie predecessor had found. For the higher levels (late MooShoo and beyond) he did fine. Although my Privateer reached lvl 65 consistently running with a buddy, my impression is that Privateers should also work well solo, for the reasons anecorbie gives.


Mar 24, 2013
I have soled for each class,it depends witch class suit you best. For me it's Buccaneer, this class is great for new players and it's the first ( and so far the only ) class i have reach the current max level 65 back in mid summer. Based on my experince this class have helped me progress rapidly on later level like mid Cool Ranch,although the progress was slow at first.This class is great if you choose the born in Moo Shu, to off set it's low speed or born in Girzzlehim for a more tank like build.

Swashbuckler is also great for soling also with the raised in Girzzelhim trait to give this class extra health or if feeling a little daring go for the raised in Moo Shu trait for speedier build or born in skull island trait for selthier build.This class is also great for rapid storyline progress.

I didn't play much as a privateer, so i can't say much. Witchdoctor is difficult for me to work but with patience and lots of training this class will become more powerful. Lately it's been hard on my older musketeer,this class maybe a little bit difficult to solo with,but give this class rouse and the light armor talent this class would last longer in battle when soloing.

For soloing I would recommend Buccaneer for thire might and Swashbuckler for thire speed and sneak attacks.

For group witchdoctor hoodoo powers works best in group, musketeer to set up multiple traps and privateer this class is more of a support group and much easier when working in teams.

Apr 18, 2010
Nicole ShadowSong on Dec 19, 2014 wrote:
I wanna solo the game and do not plan on making much questing friends, so I was wondering which class is the best for it.
privanteer you get heals but there might be a chance for buccaner only because of there compains. and withch doctor because there is a skill when you can take the enemy life. and sorry for the miss spelling

Jul 27, 2012
One very nice thing about Pirate101, Nicole, is that all the classes can successfully solo. The hydra too! (Though I have yet to see my buccaneer and musketeer face the hydra, as they are not high level enough) As Valkoor says, each class will have its own unique challenges that will be more evident at different parts of the story.

My swashbuckler (reckless girl!) had much more of a tendency to be incapacitated at lower levels than my other characters, but at higher levels is very rarely beaten (really, only when I do highly reckless things like attempt the Tower of Winter's Fury on my own ) I had the easiest time ever with my witchdoctor at lower levels, who never lost a fight for many levels, but in Aquila found that powerful buccaneer characters (like gladiators and manticores) could squash her readily, and she needed to strategize very wisely to survive. My privateer had not quite so dramatic turns of fortune... unless her companions got taken out. She's gotten better, but really is not a great fighter all on her own (rather the point of the class!).

My buccaneer had the most solid performance (I can't remember her ever losing, really, though she must have), but was just a bit dull, until the Spring update. Now she has some dramatic and flashy moves too, which I appreciate, and opportunities for new (rather wild) strategies. My musketeer, on the other hand, is very 'squishy' and was not highly effective at first (I used to joke her pet did better that she did), but I especially enjoy how I can use the environment in her favor with strategies... and I am cultivating companions with 'Hold the Line' for her too!

So yes, they are all fun, and I enjoy them all. My favorite is my swashbuckler, partly because she is my first character and the one that really caught my imagination from the beginning. And I do love that daring, 'once more into the breach, dear friends', gallant, d'Artagnan-sort of character.

May 30, 2010
Nicole ShadowSong on Dec 19, 2014 wrote:
I wanna solo the game and do not plan on making much questing friends, so I was wondering which class is the best for it.
You can solo with any of them. Pick the class that features your best play style and have at it.

A nice thing about Pirate101 is you can try out all the classes on a single account, so do one of each and see what you think!

Feb 25, 2012
they all work for soloing. personally, I prefer SBs, but really any class will do the trick.

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Dec 05, 2009
Ive solo quested alot with all the classes. I personally found Buccaneer to be the easiest to solo with and Privateer to be the toughest, every other class is in the middle. It may be different for you. It all depends on how you like to play.

Jul 06, 2011
as a swashbuckler, i finished aquila. it took me a very long time and i died a ton. as a privateer i'm in marleybone atm and i have never lost a battle. that should give you some clear indications

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Dec 26, 2012
From my point of view, it depends on how you like to play. But, I would still have at least a few friends, in case you're in trouble and need help. But overall, it depends on your gamestyle. But for me, I usually solo as a lvl 45 swash, but sometimes have to ask friends for backup when in trouble...

Jan 22, 2013
I found allot of the stuff soloable on my buck. Almost never died and if I did my awesome companions finished them up

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I have solo'd the game on all classes.

As mentioned several times, it depends alot on personal preference and play style.

For me...

Witchdoctor was great fun, and a breeze (thats why I have 2 of them).
Buccaneer was a struggle, and often required me asking for help, one of my last to reach max level and end of game.

I did play a witchdoctor mostly throughout closed beta, so maybe its a comfort level thing.

Experiences obviously vary.

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Jul 18, 2010
I have tried each of the Pirates.

Privateer is actually the weakest for soloing. The Heal Spells become near to useless when they only heal a quarter to half of the current available health points. Even the greatest heal, Eagle, is not of much help when fighting Ninja Pigs. And, the Privateer is the second pirate with the least amount of "Attack" abilities. The bombs are cool, but not so great when they barely damage the enemy once you gain Mooshu.

The Buccaneer is powerful, at times, but starts to die quickly if you opt to take the "anger" skills. The buccaneer can die in two or three rounds quickly before you can damage enemies of Yellow or Orange Titles.

The Musketeer seems to be the best Solo character with the most Skill attacks to use. The crew members can be weak, but as long as you can keep the enemy at a distance, the Musketeer can soften the enemy before they get to close.

The Swashbuckler is also a strong Solo Character, as it has a lot of choices for inflicting damage. More so than the Buccaneer.

Once the witch doctor gets to Mooshu, the spells available are very helpful in softening the enemy. Especially the spells which causes subsequent damage each round. But, even in Mooshu or greater, the damage dealt is minimal compared to the health of the enemy, unless an Epic occurs. Even at Level 50, 4 of the best Witch Doctor's spells will only bring the enemy down to 3/4 health in most cases.

The weakest point in all the characters in solo play, your crew members. Even with stacked epics like Relentless, they are useless if they only activate 15% of the time. My El Toro has 2-3 Relentless, and it is VERY rare they come in play. Maybe once every third battle. Seems the enemy Epics have a better percentage in occurring than our hero's crew members. Especially Ninja Pigs, who epics seems to occur two or three time every other round in a single battle.