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Where have my housing items gone?

May 16, 2013
I accidently clicked on the deed to my buccaneers den while at a free trader. Needless to say its gone! What I would like to know is where have all the housing items gone that I have pain-stakingly collected since I started the game, that were previously on display in the afore mentioned den?? Please don't tell me they have also permanently gone because of one accidental click!? Also is it possible to get the Den back?

Also why we're at it, how about a preview of potential housing purchases like there is in wizard101? It has been the only thing stopping me make a purchase in the crown store previously. I'd appreciate knowing what I'm buying.

Please and Thank you :)


It appears Customer Support has responded to your ticket already and your house appears safe and sound.

1- Houses should only be sell-able at a Housing Vendor and if the house is not empty, the sell button will grey out.

2- Previewing houses is a commonly requested addition to Pirate101 that we'd love to accommodate in the future. Thanks!

If you still need help, please respond back to the Support Ticket email so our Support team can take another look for you.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Jan 17, 2013