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Where are our Talents?

Community Leader
Before the big update, our Powers & Talents page listed both. The new Powers lineup is a big improvement for game play, but where have my Talents gone?

I've got three active Pirates in Cool Ranch, in three different classes, so sometimes I have trouble remembering who has which Talents. How can I look up my Epics now?

Chatroom Moderator - Pieces of Eight Radio
Hello young pirate

I ask that same question all the time - all my stuff seems to walk off and then someone has to go find them.

But, in this case, your Talents are all still there. There's a new "another page" button in the upper right, that has a yellow star on it. That'll take you to the My Talents page.

We've update the the Player's Guide on this site, to cover this change. Click on the orange ?, then on Your Pirate and then Talents & Abilities ( Epic Talents & Powers as a group, are called "Abilities"....or was that "Emilies". To be honest, I can never remember for sure ).

Dec 18, 2012
Ehy Zeke i collected a interessant campionary of used chewing gum each one for every single tavern in the Spiral, wanna give to me a point for those?

Community Leader
Thanks for the help, Zeke! I missed that little "next page" arrow entirely.

It kinda reminds me of flippin' back and forth between gear, ship stuff and furniture in my backpack.

Chatroom Moderator - Pieces of Eight Radio
Mar 25, 2012
Zeke, why for the longer collect quests, e.g. Cool Ranch/Skull Island do we still only get one practice point?