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When will we see what's going to be next?

Aug 12, 2011
I've already maxed out on my Swashbuckler and played through most to the worlds a second and third time on other characters as a buccaneer and Privater. When we see more of the pirate version of the worlds and new pirate world's? Like any good pirate I love adventure, action, and most important getting treasure. I'm not asking what you're planning just when you planning to let us know.

Hi! Aside from a few hints and teasers, we usually don't announce dates for new content. Rest assured, we're always working hard to make Pirate101 the best game it can be with new systems, worlds, and more!

Stay subscribed to the normal news outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, the game launcher, these message boards, etc.) for information when it becomes available.

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