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When will the next world come out?

Mar 15, 2013
I have maxed 2 accounts and working on my third, but it is kindov boring to do the story all over again for a third time. I was just wondering when will the next world come out?

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Jan 19, 2014
My guess is that KI will release the next major update between 3/6/2014 and 12/31/2014.


Seriously, KI developers are not done with the next update so only one can make a wild guess at this point. Meanwhile, check back after in a few months to ease the repetitiveness of leveling up all your classes.

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We haven’t yet made any announcements concerning the next chapter of Pirate101; however, we are always hard at work on improving players’ game and creating new worlds. Stay subscribed to the normal news outlets for information as it become available.

(I'd say CoolRebon is on to something there with his prediction.)

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