What the heck does immobilized mean?

Aug 09, 2011
Hi, Cautious Joseph here, again. KI, I have a question. In Pirate101, sometimes words come up over a person in a fight. These words say IMMOBILIZED. I know what that means, it means you can't move. I have been immobilized in battle, but I can still move. What does immobilized mean in game terms

Apr 26, 2009
It means the "Hold the line" talent (buccaneers only) has been activated. Basically what it does is freezes you from moving anywhere else in the round once you are adjacent to the buccaneer. It can mess up attacks like Dance of Steel, or Assassin's mist/gloom

Dead-eye Luke, Level 50

May 13, 2011
imagine that you walk on the street then a man stops you cause an important person is coming. when that person walk away, you can go past the same spot. the same works with hold the line and immobilizing