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What subclass for Buccaneer?

Community Leader
I've been trying to figure out which subclass to go with for my Buccaneer once I get extra points to spend on those abilities. Should I go with healing talents from the Profiteer tree? Or should I spend them on damage talents from the Swashbuckler tree. I enjoy the tanking aspect of the buccaneer and would like to play into that as much as I can, so self-healing seems to be a good choice, but I wonder if I'd have to stack Will items for it to be worth while. Conversely, would I need to stack some Agi for the Swashbuckler talents? Is there another option I haven't considered? Just trying to figure this stuff out in advance so I can guide my character growth!

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Gunner's Mate
Oct 22, 2011
Privateer is an excellent second subclass to get for any Pirate. You can pick and choose some of the talents you want to train, without having to train everything. Of course, healing is essential. However, unless KI increases the healing capacity of Refresh (group heal), don't bother getting it. It's not worth wasting a training point.

Swashbuckler is excellent to spend those extra training points (after Privateer), since a Buccaneer can use a smashy/slashy weapon combo.

Building up Will isn't necessary. Honestly, I don't see that much difference with more or less Will, when casting healing. Concentrate on your Strength, and if others (Agility & Will) happen to be included, all the better.

Hope this helps!

Aug 21, 2012
I have the Privateer for my second player and to enhance him i choose the witchdoctor because out of all the schools it actually have damage spells that are the strongest my first player is a witchdoctor but if you want alot of healing then do the privateer and he has alot of them. you can also get the totem for healing and the ring with the healing spell on it to help. I just wished we could get as many points to get other school spells as we can in wizard you will never beable to in this game from what i saw in beta and in the live game

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Sounds good. I just hit lvl 9 with my Buccaneer this weekend and did end up grabbing that healing spell from the Privateer trainer.

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Feb 03, 2012
I would choose privateer becasue they can increase damage for slashy weapons, haha slashy weapons. Most buccaneers increase there strength which boost slashy and smashy weapons, and since most weapons buccaneers usually get is slashy/smashy, it's a reasonable choice. The healing abilities are also cool.