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What is up with Rajah?

Feb 10, 2016
I wish we could get more intel on the briefly mentioned world, rajah. It is home to the Kurghas, the tigers on the isle of fetch, who craved bad food. The designs of the Kurghas are very unique and I wish they could be used more. I was thinking, maybe we could use rajah as a transition world or even a side world. I was thinking that the plot could be something like this.

Avery: Now that you've conquered Kane there's some pirating to be done.
I hear that there is a big hoard of treasure in Polaris, just waiting to plundered.

Catbeard: Finally an opportunity to swim in mountains of pickled herring.

Avery: Indeed, but there's a catch.

Presidio companion (Milo): What is it? (Lucky Jack): What? (Birgus Latro): What could it possibly be? (Gaspard): What a could it a be? (Dead Mike) There's always a catch isn't there?

Avery: The only way to get there is with a frozen wind stone.

Ratbeard: A frozen wind stone, were the blazes are we going to get that?

Avery: I'm glad you asked. You go to mystical rajah.

Old scratch: That place be were the kurghas come from.

Avery: You have kurgha friends? well what are you waiting for? get to Rajah and grab some gold while your at it,

Quest: Rajah quite riveting. Gives 1050 Xp. 250 gold and a musketeer exclusive Kurgha captain that starts off with quick adjust 1 and burst fire 1

Kzinti Singh: Back again captain, What's that you wish to travel to my home country? That sounds great.

Gracie Conrad: Lets cut to the chase we need a frozen wind stone.

Kzinti: I now see why you are here. You will need my help getting to Rajah. I have the gray wind stone in possession along with travel papers.
I have more to add. When you defeated Kane, The armada made a full retreat from the isle of fetch. Simply tell Captain Harkness that I am leaving. I shall accompany you.
Kurgha Captain: Captain, I shall help guide you as well.

Captain Harkness: Your leaving? might as well we can easily take things from here go on now.

Kzinti: Thank you, captain head to Aquila that is were the storm gate is.

(once getting to rajah)
Kzinti: Finally, home. Captain, speak to my brother Sanjeet Singh in Hamara Market circle.

(Gets to hamara)

Sanjeet: Brother great to see you! Who is this? (quest reward)

Kzinti: We have come here to to aquire a frozen wind stone.

Sanjeet: What? Impossible. Only the royals have such possession.

Mooshu companion: (Egg shen): Let me guess. (Subodai): I know where this is going. (Kobe): Oh no. (Kan po):
We know what comes next. (Wing chun): Don't say it!

Sanjeet: What? all you have to do is kiss up to the imperial guards.

Bonnie: Thank goodness!

Sanjeet: There's one over there. Quest: We know whats next. reward 4000 xp 500 gold 1 companion training point.

El toro: You there! Do you require assistance?

Guard: Why Yes! Bandits are running rampant in the skies defeat some of there ships.

Monkey King: Okay dokay! That's all my room add on pls. Promotions lv 76 Kurgha commodore: Kzinti Singh and Bagha Khan: Imperial officer lv 76

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
Very well imagined and created! I loved every bit of the dialogue, also.
Only one difference of opinion, though; the windstones we've been collecting are running in reverse order of the colors of the rainbow. Our next windstones will be Orange and Red. ( There is speculation that the center stone will lead to El Dorado. )
Since Rajah is part of the Marleybone Empire ( reflecting India during the age of Queen Victoria in British history ), we probably won't need a windstone to go there. We don't always need a windstone per single world to enter that world.
Since we acquired our mother's diaries and the fact that a Khurga knew our parents in Rajah, what if one of our parent's buried treasures are there?

Oct 26, 2013
Great idea! Also, let's promote all the Marley bone companions at once. Maybe the dogs want to recruit more kurghas or something completely unrelated.