what is a witchdocter?

Jul 07, 2012
First I need to tell you I might get some wrong about these facts but I will tell what I know. Hi it's me Trustworthy Ariel Maxwell. Ok so what I know about witchdocters is they can do both far range and close range. Next witchdocters can also cast spells and I think they spawn in spirts or something like that. Also old scratch that does A LOT of buff's. They are nothing like a wizard in wizard101 but all I can think of is death. I hope I help you out a little and have a great day. <3

Apr 26, 2011
Hey Ari, I was wondering if we could do these What is a..... together! Like we did for the help of picking schools! Thanks and you can respond to me any way possible. <3 See you on Pirate101 tomorrow!

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Feb 11, 2010
A witchdoctor is a witch who is also a doctor.

Sep 08, 2015
A witchdoctOr is four schools in wizards. A fire, for the DOTS, myth, for the SKELETON spawns, death, for the DRAINS, and balance, for the boosts. They have a lot of strategies they can use, they don't have to move, they can be close ranged or far ranged, they have AOES, and are not very common. I don't see many witches, most of them i see at skull mountain. I can't understand why witches are so rare. They are OP. So that's me, and you are you, so what do you think: Are Witches Op?

Annoying Amber 431151

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Apr 21, 2012
I actually have done some thought into what witchdoctor magic is. I imagined that there existed the physical realm, which we inhabit, and the Spirit World. And our soul naturally drifts into the Spirit World, but remains anchored to the physical plane by our bodies, thus the soul is stuck between the two worlds. This connection is severed upon death, so the soul drifts into the Spirit Realm. A witchdoctor uses their spirit as a bridge, channeling the various energies of the Spirit World into the physical world. There are chaotic, explosive energies, and energies that suck the life away from others. But perhaps the most notable, is the fact that, because the Spirit World is where the dead drift, is that a witchdoctor can bring them to the physical world, to speak, or to fight.

I had some free time and am pretty fascinated with how fantasy magic works, so I came up with this just because.