What is a Swashbuckler?

Dec 07, 2012
I love this class, it's really nice to use! It's nice turning invisible with Walk in Shadows or Walk in Darkness, then being able to stab your foes with extra damage.

--Fallon & Fiona

Nov 28, 2011
Cass Underwood on Oct 18, 2012 wrote:
Ooh, well then there is a bug.I was on a Monquistador ship the other day and I moved to the other ship and there was a Monquistador next to where I landed and it attacked me and I didn't attack it.

Cass Underwood L16
It probably had repel boards on it, or it was their turn

Sep 08, 2016
May 05, 2016
(legend: -bucanneer, -witch doctor, -musketeer,-privateer, -swashbuckler dp-damage points)

Many people speculate "What is a swashbuckler?" The answer-a lot of things! Us swashbucklers have our advantages and disadvantages, and I am proud to be here and explain.

For starters one of our best aspects is our damage. We without a doubt have the most damage. Some people would disagree and say "It's because the weapons have a higher base damage" and that is true but us 's mainly focus on our damage, while 's mainly focus on their tanking skills (Armor and HP). Agility BOOST our damage to make it strong-to devastating.

Another amazing aspect is our dodge. We get the most dodge which helps a lot. This means they can't hit us, and the advantage here is, they deal no damage and WE get a bonus hit called riposte. Averagely Riposte does MORE damage then a base attack. So for instance if we did 50dp then dodged an attack, we would attack with about 70dp.
My FAVORITE epic that we get is called "First Strike. So let's say someone charges at you and attacks you. Before they actually attack, we get to attack, and this CAN start into a chain with other epics. A big enough chain to Defeat your enemy almost directly after they come to you. Cool right?

The last advantage I will list is our speed. Us 's get lots of speed talents! This helps us do a direct rush into combat. And with our amazing counter epics, we can do some great deeds doing it. To add on we get jump which allows us to jump over places you can't walk, like ship-to-ship.
Down sides_
Low Hp- Our low hp Is a huge factor in our tanking aspect. Enemies can one-shot us without having too much trouble so be careful!!
Low defense- so add on against witch doctors we lack because we have NO magic resistance so this hurts us a ton!

Thanks for reading!!!

Able Alonzo Parker- lv. 70
Cameron- lv. 59
Sly Zachary Parker-lv.7

Thanks For Reading, "Now, there's piratin' to be done!"

Petty Officer
Jul 13, 2013
Morgan Lafitte any relation to the pirate legend jean Lafitte famous plunderer second to blackbeard on the official list of best pirates ever if so please tell me

also black fog got me outta a jam in marleybone once some problem with a drain hair toupee a barkeep a piece of chewing gum and a trombone

Jan 17, 2013
Vittoria agli swashbuckler! (Victory to the swashbucklers)

Dec 12, 2012
A swashbuckler is the pirate who does very huge strikes, but less health. It's probably (in my opinion) the easiest class to solo. (Witchdoctors are tied with swashbucklers.) Swashbucklers are Wizard101's storm (if you play wizard101.)

I'm loving the swashbuckler class, and I'm with another swashbuckler on the same quest line in Mooshu. (Monkey King's doppligangers was my last fight.)

Anyways, I'd suggest this class for new players, because it's really easy to get - run up to the people and spam sneak attack, back stab, and assassin strike, including some buffs beforehand to use on the first round.

Cya in the spiral, pirates!!

Stormy Julia Dove, Level 46 (That's for swashbuckler, right..?)

Dec 12, 2012
Darlin Anna on Oct 13, 2012 wrote:
Can someone tell me if and when the swashbuckler can use heavy armor gear? I am level 14.
If you mean this by tanky gear, probably not. Swashbucklers are meant to deal big strikes and kill the opponent and dodge their attacks. Swashbucklers aren't meant to tank, just like storms aren't on Wizard101. The companions can tank, you deal huge blows, and you're all good!

Stormy JuliaDove, Level 46

Dec 12, 2012
Xaviyn on Oct 24, 2012 wrote:
when you pick your family were killed by an octopus does the game give you mustang sally as a companion?
No, you get Mustang Sally when you get El Toro if you're a swashbuckler.

Stormy JuliaDove, Level 46

Jul 08, 2014
Morgan Lafitte on Mar 1, 2012 wrote:
Swashbucklers rely on speed and finesse in combat, sneaking up on their foes and striking from surprise, then dodging the enemy's attacks when they finally come. They are deadly with a blade, but not nearly as tough as a Buccaneer, sacrificing toughness for damage.

If you are a Swashbuckler, look for ways to boost your AGILITY
My strategy
Use walk in shadows
Walk in shadows
It keeps going on but everyone gets the point

Jul 08, 2014
Mello Lily on Oct 15, 2012 wrote:
They're not supposed to use heavy gear. Swashbucklers are light on their feet and having armor like that is not needed. However, if you want heavy armor, I am guessing that the Buccaneer trainer will have a talent that allows you to wear heavy armor. But again, Swashbucklers are NOT meant to wear heavy armor. It goes against the class.
You cant get the ability to wear heavy armor for swahbuckler