What is a Privateer?

Jul 07, 2012
What is a privateer? Hi it's me Trustworthy Ariel Maxwell and I'm going to tell you what a privateer is. A privateer is a healer. If this was based off wizard then the privateers would be a life student. Back to the point as a privateer you might want to get a friend to help you level between worlds. For example my sister Abigail is helping me and so far we are level 17 teens. Privateers get the most companions if I'm not miss taken. That is SOME things about your trusty Privateers. Thank you for reading my post and hope I help you out a little. Have a great day.

May 26, 2013
Thanks for posting and all, but I'm sure everybody here already knows what a privateer is
Dashing Duncan Quinn (Privateer)

Sep 08, 2015
Just a quick question. Are you going to do this for each class? Because i would like to see you describe witches. Because after i will post a LOOONG rule book of why witches are so awesome. Just sayin'...