What happened

Sep 23, 2012
I should probably preface this post by saying I don't intend it to sound ranty, but I'm pretty frustrated atm so it might turn out that way. (I just spent half the night on the Hungry Like a Wolf quest trying to collect white buffaloon meat to no avail--then log in to these forums to find there are already multiple posts about the same issue which haven't been addressed for some reason... but anyway (started to get ranty there) that's not what this post is about.)

I'm concerned about the trend I'm seeing past level 20. This game is quickly becoming a grindfest--fetch x number of this, kill x number of that. What happened to the engaging storyline, the interesting characters, the clever dialog? I was loving this game at first. I couldn't wait to log in and see what would happen next. Now I'm afraid to find out. Is this how it's going to be from now on? Say it ain't so.

Petty Officer
Feb 24, 2012
i am thinking the same way, started for me as well, quests say collect x number this or that, it would be rather interesting if you could collect!

lvl 20 as well, not very happy about the last few days of trying to finish some quests

other quests i have picked up are impossible at my lvl especially considering the companion problem, cant get the top companions to follow in on battles or my crew is just completely out numbered and weak

ugly hope leech

Feb 26, 2011
Pioneer Witty William Warren, sailing the Wounded Wolf and the Wayward Wabbit 'cross the spiral and into the beyond. Arr.

I find the main quests be leveling you too quickly mateys.
Avast! It leaves me shipmates trailing farr behind, and I be lacking the gold to keeps them on parr with their beloved captain, yours truly.
But I have to say, they're all skilled in sending scallywags to Davey Jones' locker. I can't complain about that, no.

The 'grind' is a good way to slow this captain's advancement, to find treasure, and amass the gold that any pirate would sell his wooden leg for.

I've one suggestion though - when I find a old salt to blow the man down time and time again, the lessons learned should be far fewer than what's given (reduce the XP gain on boss farming, pretty please).