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What Do You think the new World(s) Will Be?

Feb 10, 2009
They haven't had a new world in P101 in a little over a year, I think. What do you guys think the next world will be? Any theories, or thoughts? I have a few theories that I will share in the near future. Just very curious about the next world. Well then mates, post away!

First Mate
Mar 30, 2011
Kings Isle are working hard on Chapter 15 so we just have to be patient.
We know we are going to revisit Valencia and the Grizzleheim themed booster pack to me hints that Erika The Red is the next map holder we will be looking for, I remember in a thread that Grizzleheim will most likely not be the new world, perhaps Krokotopia or even Polaris? I highly doubt Darkmoore and it's definitely not El Dorado, it could very well be this 'Raja' world I've seen pirates yarn about.

Petty Officer
Mar 09, 2013
Well, judging from hints given out from Blind Mew, and the end of the storyline so far, we are going back to Valencia to find out how we can defeat Kane. After that, Grizzleheim seems likely, to find Erika the Red. It has been stated that we will visit all of our origin worlds during the El Dorado arc, so Krokotopia too. In one thread Blind Mew says that we will visit two of the three worlds Krokotopia, Darkmoor, and Rajah during this arc. Krokotopia will appear, and Darkmoor seems likely due to concept art for hub worlds and taverns. If each was one book, that would take us to eighteen books, leaving about two more until the end of the arc. Maybe back to Valencia to get the Armadas pieces, and then to El Dorado? Perhaps the next arc could include Polaris and Napoleguin, and stopping another war in the spiral!

Clever Sam Jones

Nov 25, 2012
The storyline suggests that the next world will be Valencia, but who knows?

Beyond that, It is heavily hinted that we go to Polaris at some point. One of the map holders we have to find is from Grizzleheim. It would make sense for us to visit Krokotopia, because it is a world your character can be from. Darkmoor is a likely choice, and there are other named worlds that are mentioned or can be seen from spiral threads.

Surprise us, Kings Isle!

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