What are all the swash companions?

Gunner's Mate
Nov 01, 2012
Im not sure if i have all of the swashbcukler companions because i have heard some people say every class gets companions but some of the companions they say ive never heard of. These are all the swashbuckler companions i have or know how to get
- milo graytail
- bonnie anne
- sarah steele
- ratbeard
-nurse quinn
- chicken miner
- crazy monquistador
- monquistador veteran
- stormy sky
- rooster cogburn
- buffalo bill
- l.t. springer
- old scratch
- el toro
- subodai
- mustang sally
- crab hermit
- monkey king
- weasel gambler
- tricky vinny
- froggo villa
- yakooza
- shiruku neko
- itzen kaan
- ridolfo capoferro
- keisuke yagi
- gracie conrad
i may have forgotten a few but im pretty sure i rembered. these are the ones that i dont have and heard of that everyone or only swashbuckler gets
-ju hao
If anyone can tell me where you get these three and who gives the quest for them that would be much appreciated