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Weapons that don't do their job when combined

May 07, 2013
If a shield is a smashy weapon why can't it be used in any moves that call for smashy weapons if it is combined with a gun? You can't use any of the charges , smashes or attacks that call for smashy ,slashy ,or stabby as a must if you have a shield( smashy)with a gun( shooty) ( examples cephlapod set ,federales shield, etc.) If the weapon meets the required need why are you unable to use buccaneers smash , back stab, etc. ?
Which also leads me to ask why if you combine a gun with a blade it's shooting distance is only the adjacent square unless you are using your abilities ? It's a gun right? Shouldn't you be able to shoot at least some distance ,a minimum one square away in all directions? If not why have a gun? Musketeers learn sniper which adds one space to your shooting distance which should technically make any gun you have shoot a distance of one square further than it says it shoots, but if you have a gun with a sword/knife you can't shoot further than the end of the sword/knife even after learning the sniper skill . If I am misunderstanding this please correct me!
Are these bugs or just unnoticed programming errors?
Any explanations with these situations would be greatly appreciated !

First Mate
Sep 13, 2010
The only purpose of the shield in Smashy/Shooty weapons is that it gives you a bit of armor. I personally wouldn't use a Smashy/Shooty weapon, because you don't get the Sniper talent bonus that adds 1 sight range and it's harder to hit enemies.

May 07, 2013
ok now i understand a bit about the sight bonus missing, still doesn't entirely make sense but its an explanation. the bigger problem is that the shield is basically worthless even rated as a smashy weapon. im sure most have seen Captain America , the Avengers or something similar and noticed that the shield actually smashes effectively and isn't just defense. in the game itself we have rook who effectively uses a shield and gun combo but the shield actually smashes us away from him.
I will give you that the shield is basically defensive but explain why the gun only shoots to the end of the bladed weapons.
why have a melee weapon and a distance weapon combined if they don't do the jobs that they are intended for?
the object of training points is to create the best pirate you can if the points and abilities are null when you use a certain type of weapon ,the creation is the same as everyone else.

Petty Officer
May 25, 2012
The bigger payoff for using the combo weapons is that you get the damage bonuses for both. For example, if you have both the shooty weapons and smashy weapons talents, you get the bonuses for both. Also, the combo weapons can allow you to use a different primary stat than the non-combo weapons.

My Privateer uses a slashy/staffy weapon which uses Will rather than strength, and gets him +12 damage for slashy and +6 damage for staffy weapons.