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Warning Newer Witchdoctors!!!

Dec 19, 2012
Just a fair warning to newer witchdoctors and maybe some older ones.

When using charm DO NOT BUFF AFTER.

the charmed enemy gets buffed also found this out the hard way,charmed a pig in mooshu then buffed with El Toro (his dge/acc buff) and ended up having the pig buffed also. It doesn't go away after the charm wears off.

I spent 6 rounds trying to hit a unit that already had high dge now with a buffed dge rate while also having to stay alive from a unit who couldn't miss for 6 rounds despite having one of my highest dge comrades out(currently at 90 dge)

PS.....KI can we plz have Charm raised up to like 3 rounds or something? 1 whole round isn't very useful

Crual Darius Blake