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W101 Update & P101 Update At the Same Time?

May 06, 2009
Will Pirat101 and Wizard101 test realms be going up "at the same time?"

Pirate101 has said repeatedly that the new update is coming soon (like *very* soon) but Wizard101's Khrysalis Part 2 is online now (with a scheduled timing) before it. It would appear that Wizard101 won't be up on weekends so I had a hunch that maybe Pirate101 would be up mainly on weekends. But is it possible that Pirate101 test realm could be online at the same time Wizard101 is? Or will Pirate101 have to wait on Wizard101? I know KI's said before that something like this wouldn't happened but crazy things like releasing Marleybone and Aquila have happen. Maybe this time they're going to try it? Any info would be well appreciated!

Oct 15, 2010