Valor Armor

Honey Buncher
Oct 15, 2012
Hello KI

I Have a lvl 20+ hat called the Gamblers Stetson, it gives valor armor for swashbucklers only, i think i got it from the duck of death on boot hill, not sure.

but what I'm asking is about valor armor, how do it work?, it says on the card absorbs 5x enemy damage, I'm wonder EXACTLY how does it work, i need to know so i can make my strategies off of it and stuff, I'm mainly interested in how it would work in pvp.


Cunning Xavier Veldon

Dreamy Dreamer
May 02, 2009
If you've played Wizard101, you should be familiar with the concept of Spirit Shield, Ice Armor and/or Frozen Armor. Basically it absorbs damage-meaning the person who the skill has been casted on will take 0 damage from enemy attacks-and allows none to be taken on the user. The 5x part I'm confused about. I believe it means it'll take 5 hits before it wears off.

Dead-Eye Phillip Laveer

Honey Buncher
Oct 15, 2012
thx coolster but i really really need KI to help me out, and, i havent played wizards, i need all the details on it, ALL