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Valencia = Main spotlight?

Jan 28, 2014
So guys, i've seen a lot of Valencian stuff, and even heard about them, so could Valencia be the main spotlight in the game? (By that I mean it's like the main world Pirate101 is based on. Yes, we're trying to find El Dorado and we come from Skull Island, but there's like so many Valencian elements in the game, including the Clockworks.)

I mean, we don't really know much of El Dorado, and the game seems to be all based around Valencia. What do you guys think?

Petty Alicia Cog

Jul 27, 2012
Dear Alicia, I am sure Valencia will have its time in the sun, and probably more than once, considering our primary (and most deadly) enemy has their base in Valencia. The plot of the Pirate101 story spirals around Valencia accordingly: first we find out that those nasty clockworks who imprisoned us are from Valencia, then we make evade those powers to slip in and out of a relative Valencian backwater and discover that yes, those clockworks are far more evil than nasty! And at the end of Chapter 15, there are strong hints directing towards Valencia... and a very tricky project that will be.

Valencia is a known place in the Spiral. Lots of people live there, or have been to it, or read books written in Valencia, enjoyed Valencian artwork, played with mechanical toys invented by clever Valencian artisans... you get the picture. El Dorado is of a nearly mythical quality, and an unknown world of the Spiral. Marco Pollo and his crew got there, but in living memory, as far as has been revealed, they are the only ones. And since the Armada swiped all of Pollo's books, and the members of Pollo's crew so far have not spoken of their adventures there, what El Dorado is and who built it and what exactly is there (besides gold) remains a mystery, even to Spiral explorers such as ourselves. At least, for now...