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um, why so many ship battles at a time?

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May 22, 2011
Why is it that once you're looking for the map to el dorado you have to fight 10 ships to get the next quest? Why can't you fight maximum 6?

Oct 10, 2012
I think they might fix that in the next update so only one ship can attack you at a time.

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I have seen many comments in regards to ship battles.
Its a new concept to those that are familiar with Wizard101.

Ships, and ship battles however are keys in pirate games.

I admit they can be a challenge, and i often cringe when the ship battles come up, but I do enjoy them, they are just a little more tedious when playing solo. I usually change directions and work on other quests until I have a friend or 2 online, and ask them for help not usually because I cannot sink the ships myself (I actually make sure I can before I ask for help), but because its a time saver (far less "tedious") when sinking ships with friends, and they like the easy drops and nautical XP too (benefits everyone).

I dont know that they will "reduce" the numbers of them some quests require, however they might. I think they want a good balance, considering the ship aspect a big part of the game, us being pirates.

Good luck and happy ship sinking!!!

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Glow, I think Riana is talking about the number of ships we have to fight for each quest going up, rather than getting multiple ships ganging up on them in battles.

It's pretty typical for these kind of quests to get bigger and tougher as we level up higher in the game. I'm in the early stages of Mooshu so far and have three different quests to hunt down a dozen ships each, so ten doesn't sound too bad any more.

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