Turret Bosses

Be Mine Beginner
Feb 26, 2012
Where are the turret bosses in the skyways, I know what worlds they're in, Cool ranch, mooshu, and marleybone, but I've been looking and I cant find them, someone please help.

Fearless John Bowman 64

Luv Ya Leader
Mar 10, 2009
These two links have info on the Marleybone and the Cool Ranch Turret and the Mooshu Turret is in the Kotan Skyway between Kaizoku Juma & The Vortex of Strife.

Forever Friend
Oct 27, 2009
There is another thread with helpful info on the turret bosses. The Khotan Skyway location is correct. There is a little pagoda fortress on a small island between Kaizoku Jima's Island and and a vortex.