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Tribal Crew Pack - Tusket Set (Level 10+)

Dec 18, 2009
The Tusket set is a Stabby/Slashy Weapon that is given by the Tribal Crew Pack, the reason I'm bringing this item up - Is the Item suppose to be Stabby/Slashy? Aside from the fact that all of it's counterparts are Slashy/Stabby rather than Stabby/Slashy, I'm not sure a Stabby/Slashy weapon exists in the game(aside from this item). So was this just an typo/error or was the Tusken Set meant to be Stabby/Slashy? The Main reason I'm bringing this up is to get some sort of confirmation in the Central Wiki, but if the weapon was meant to be Stabby/Slashy I'd also be interested in the reason why.

For Comparison here is a list of the item's counterparts -
Level 1+ - Rapotor's Set - Slashy/Stabby
Level 20+ - Jaguar Set - Slashy/Stabby
Level 30+ - Stegosaur Set - SlashyStabby
Level 40+ - Temple Guard Set - Slashy/Stabby
Level 45+ - Nightstalker's Krisknives - Slashy/Stabby
Level 50+ - Nightlord's Blades - Slashy/Stabby
Level 55+ - Moonlord Set - Slashy/Stabby
Level 60+ - Coetl's Needles - Slashy/Stabby


Thanks for contacting us. We'll be changing the Tusket Set to Slashy/Stabby in the future.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*