Three things I think are a problem

Feb 26, 2012
Ok so 1) When I port to someone in a battle the enemy can attack me before I even have a chance to go, which sucks if i have low health

2) I can not see the health bar in battle of other players, I can see all companions, mine, and enemies but not my friends

3) yesterday my friend and I completed the quest "A soggy crusade". When we finished the quest I got a watermole slingman or slingshotter, and she did not instead she got him available in the crown shop. I am a buccaneer and she swashbuckler, is this why i got and she didn't, thank you for any help you can give.

Gunner's Mate
Jan 06, 2011
1) Be careful when porting to friends and either make sure they are not in a battle or heal up before you do.

2) I think this is an issue associated with teleporting to other players in battle, especially when you are in different areas. It is only a visual bug and it shouldn't have any effect on gameplay. Unless you mean the health bars are not showing up when you are giving orders, in which case there is a problem (I'm not sure how you would fix it though, sorry)

3) Each class sometimes gets extra companions from quests (side or main). It will usually be only one class that gets the companion and players of other classes are able to get them from the crown shop. Some examples are witchdoctors getting Bones McGee from the Reaper questline (starts in Flotsam) and privateers get a water mole spearman from a quest on Rapa Nui. Your swashbuckler friend will eventually get a companion that you as a buccaneer will not get.

Sep 19, 2012
okay just an unoffical answer

point 1 its a turn based game so you maybe entering the battle at the end of the turn which is why your not going till the next round because your side has already gone, or it may be that the other side has initive and the round has already begun and thus the game is adding you at the next turn... simple fix ask your friend if they are in battle and heal first so you do not enter a battle with one hit point and expect to live,,

point 2 that maybe a glitch, but usually the health bar is under the portrait of other people in combat with you , sometimes due to color setting it is hard to see, or if it is total full i do notice it does sometimes blend for me but if it does not show at all that probally is a glitch and i am sure they will fix it in time.

point 3 people do get different companions at different times it seems, it is related to just about everything you do, including your choices of parents death, the way you where imprisoned and where you grew up, also it seems it can be influenced by quests you complete and enemies you kill, like you may of killed a million slingmen before your friend showed up, or you may of just got a lucky boss drop, when you got the companion, (since i am sure if some bosses can drop pets they can surely drop companions too) when you completed the crusade. i have heard of people getting the batacuda as a companion after they killed like a billion. But i think that is part of the fun to not be told everything but to live your pirate life and explore. even the companions you get along the way for completing the main quest lines like in the presidio are different depending on different things, and the companions are influence by more than just class (like buccaneer or swashbuckler or whichever) sometimes.