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Those dialogue interfaces... what's different?

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
I forgot to ask this question since the beginning, so I might as well say it, anyway.

Hear this. At times, I saw the first, classical text & dialogue boxes' interface shown at the bottom of the screen, like Wizard101 does for about every time they hear & encounter the dialogue from NPCs in that game. What got me astounded is the second & different dialogue interface appearing at the top-left corner of the screen in Pirate101 that shows the text & plays the voice in the comic book-like word balloons that shifts in size, depending on the amount of text dialogue, & unlike the previous interface, the lines play automatically from one line to another. I really like that different dialogue interface, doesn't take up a portion of the screen's space, & saves players time & risk of being pulled into battles without being given enough time to hear the voiceover dialogue speech, though, I still like the first one equally as well as the second. Maybe W101 could adapt that second dialogue interface someday. Would be neat if that was made there.

Now, I ask you this, what's different between these two dialogue interfaces than W101's only interface at the moment?

This is the one question I was going to ask from beta & Live, but, I've forgotten to ask, because I was completely swept away by the adventures & all that this game offers so far.

So, if anyone from KI can answer this question of mine, please do.

Thanks for answering!