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The Universe's Great Divide

Gunner's Mate
Jun 27, 2013
...or my divide.

After learning the difference of spooky and damage, I decided to divide my equipment- PvE and PvP

PvE: Melee Version (to quickly defeat enemies with 2x or 3x damage)

Weapon: Manticore Cudgel - 135-220 damage
Hat: Lo Pan's Helm - +6 resistance, +53 health, with Assassin's Gloom
Outfit: Gorgonic Cloak - +12 will, +42 resistance, with Back Stab
Boots: Bat Clan Moccasins - +8 will with Back Stab
Totem: Patch of Chthonic Rage - +9 resistance with Vicious Charge
Charm: Stygian Charm - +9 resistance with Assassin's Strike
Ring: No special ring - +5 damage with +64 health

PvP: Staffy Version (to gain range for powers as well as gain access to mojo rising)

Weapon: Moo Manchu's Wand - 101-something damage with coward's bane
Hat: Lo Pan's Helm
Outfit: Still farming- What would be a good outfit with a power? I am considering Oneioromancer's Robes
Boots: Still looking in Central
Totem: Eye patch of Recuperation - +8 resistance with Revive
Charm: North Wind Kir-in - +6 resistance with Great Juju
Ring: Same

So, I also want to ask a few questions, still confused of spooky concept and equipment.

- If my damage goes down, does that mean that mojo reaver or blade's damage goes down (3x and 2x)? Or does spooky affect that?
- Should I get something with The Big Guns or another Buffing power?
- Which one is a better combination, the PvE or the PvP?