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The Troggy Pack and Unreleased Sketch Items

May 06, 2009
Back in Beta, there was a Troggy Pack which granted a couple of items, ship parts, and most importantly, Troggy Warrior companion! However, One-Eyed Jack stated that it wasn't working as intended so it wasn't readded when the game went live. Here we are now and Pirate101 released it's first working pack, the Tribal Crew Pack. Now that this one is working as intended, I'd like to know...
Will the Troggy Pack be revived later on? Possiblely with a possiblity of getting the Troggy Warrior, Hunter, and Shaman as a Companion from Skull Island and many more surprises?

Also there was a concept of a Hammerhead Sky Shark mount but it has not been brought forward in the game. Are there plans to inclde it later on or is this just a concept for comic play? Lastly there are some concepts of Water-Mole Ships in the 'General Concepts' section of 'Art Behind Pirate101'. One that I particular liked was one with a rock-Gorilla sculpture with lava running down it's nose (lol very funny). I was wondering are these going to come into the game, if not already? Perhaps as buyable ships or within a Ship Pack?