The Original Class Colors

Feb 03, 2012
When information first came out for the game, naturally I did as much studying on hte game as possible. Before beta came out, these were the original class colors when I checked the classes out:

Buccaneer: Blue flag with a yellow sword
Musketeer: Green gun with a pink red smoke coming out of it
Privateer: Blue captain's wheel with a purple red telescope
Swashbuckler: Purple dagger with a yellow rose
Withdoctor: A purple doll with green pins

These colors were later changed to the icon colors we know currently, buccaneer being red ad blue, musketeer orange and green, privateer being blue and yellow, swashuckler purple and orange, witchdoctor green and purple.

I've been wondering ever since the game first released why did these colors change? To be honest most of them were really cool. If anyone has an answer please post.

May 02, 2009
Petty Officer
Dec 16, 2010
I like the colors they have chosen now. They seem to go along with the class. Blue and yellow don't scream Buccaneer.