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The magical floaty life fountain!

May 17, 2011
Well, as the title says, I was marooned by another player (yes, I was stowing away on his ship. But that is beside the point and i was removing tokens for him) who bottled his ship. When I spawned next to the life fountain in skull island docks, the fountain floated away into the air, through the wall behind it, and over the stairs leading up to the island. It hovered over the stairs, just out of my reach. nobody else seemed to see it do this. I have a couple pictures of this to prove it. What did I do?

-Dark Amber

PS: The life fountain is back to it's original spot now. It came back after I left the docks and came back (which, taking how slow my computer is, five minutes).

Gunner's Mate
Oct 22, 2011
Oh yeah. In Mooshu, Subata skyway, at Rokugara, I had docked my boat. When I ported to the dock, I headed to the life fountain. Well ....... the life fountain took off across the island, through the village, with me chasing after it. I was yelling "Wait ... wait, get back here!" The fountain ended up off the island and into the skyway, completely out of my reach.

I did go to select pirate and when I got back into the game the fountain was back where it belonged.

I did take a picture and showed my friends. Kinda like "where's Waldo" .... "where's the life fountain"