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The Crits GUI.

Mar 20, 2010
Hey Kingsisle, when I was watchin' ye old Glassy Thingy on ye olde Video Watcher, I saw a matey have a "GUI" (Note, this was in the Beta verson) where ye could see the Crits happen to the enemy (Or yourself) in a different color text box. Ok, I'm done with the pirate, but anyway, It would say "Bonnie Anne hit Deacon for 242 damage" in a red box. I like that feature, and wonder when it will be added.

Community Leader
Not sure I'd like those crit total pop-ups all the time - sometimes they got in the way, especially if you're talking to someone and have chat bubbles on the left side too. On the other hand, it's nice being able to see the total damage from an attack rather than having to add up the individual strikes in my head that fast.

I hope that, if they ever do bring back those total damage alerts, they also add a way to turn them on or off in the Gameplay Options menu. I see three choices there - None, All, or Critical Only.

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