The Big Guns

Apr 21, 2009
I am a level 50 musketeer with some awesome equipment that gives me a couple cards for, "The Big Guns". I love using them for long range traps and have used them a lot since I obtained them, but I have a few questions regarding them.

1. The damage The Big Guns does for me is good, but it pales in comparison to one of my bomb traps. As a musketeer and not a privateer I realize it won't exactly do the damage for me that it does for them; but it still makes me curious as to how exactly the damage on The Big Guns is calculated. Does it use will, and what does the phrase "superior damage barrage" mean? It doesn't really give me a good idea of what the damage is compared to say the "x times damage" phrase on other cards.

2. It says on the card for The Big Guns, "100% chance for fire on enemy tiles". I have noticed at times the fires don't trigger at all. This gets somewhat annoying as it's the damage the fires do that really makes me love this skill. When I pull The Big Guns and none of the fires trigger at all I feel as though it was a waste of a turn. All I want to know is whether I am interpreting the card wrong and this is supposed to happen or if this is some sort of glitch.

Dec 18, 2012
Here the answer Ratbeard gave to me when i had same doubts:

Ratbeard said:

"There is no plan to designate those enemy tiles-- it tends to clutter the combat UI, especially when the battleboard is what I charitably call "irregular."

I don't design the battleboards; there are other Designers who do that. And I have seen some wacky battleboards-- usually in cases where the script calls for the enemy to appear in unexpected places.

Treat the fires as bonus damage."

So the only sure thing for now is that 100% chance of fire work for sure on enemy ship planks, meantime in ground fights there is no way to discover which are those "enemy tiles", also from my experience they change froma game to another.

That skill at end is good for ship boarding fights, for all the rest... well not so much good .

Jan 20, 2009
Even for a level 50 privateer, the damage isn't that great. Around 180-200 per hit on average. This is balanced by having fire *sometimes* and infinite range. In contrast, Mojo Storm (from an item), consistently does around 280-300 damage per hit, but has a 3 range for me.

FYI, generally an "Enemy square" is one that is on approximately the half of battle board that the enemies start on. Most often this is the right half of the board, minus a couple tiles in the middle.