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Dec 19, 2012
Ive gotten stuck someone help..

i missed chapter 8,9,11,12 badges and forgot where to go to look for them..

Well chapter 11,12 i assume are mooshu,,9 i assume is still bugged but that leaves chapter 8..Where was most of chapter 8 side quests at? If they was in H.Skyway i checked there and didn't find any quests maybe it was in a different part of Cool Ranch? Anyone willing to help in this matter?

Also ive been farming for 45+ gear for witchdoctors so far i have the armor,pendent,totem,boots(trying to get a better pair of boots thou) which mooshu boss drops hat and ring? i prefer a card on hat and somthing with dge/acc/res on ring.

When is a auction house being added? This is somthing that needs to be added soon since PC class gear doesn't drop nearly as often as other class gear