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Strength for Swashbuckler?

Dec 31, 2012
I know that for every 5 points of Agility a Swashbuckler using Stabby weapons and a Musketeer using Shooty are granted an extra point of damage. That is not the question. My question is, does extra Strength do anything for any of these classes, likewise, does Agility do anything for a Buccaneer, Privateer, or Witchdoctor? I have always assumed no but I am tired of assuming and thought I would ask.

While I am posting on this topic, I also have a few more related questions.

If a Musketeer has trains for Gunnery from the Commodore how is that damage calculated? Does it include my weapon damage? Is the damage boosted by Agility like his other native attacks or is it Strength or Will, if any? What about if a Buccaneer has the ability Mojo Blast? How is that damage calculated? Is it boosted by Strength on a Buccaneer or by Will because it is an attack native to Witchdoctors?

I have lots more questions like this about how certain things are calculated but will leave you with just this for now.

Yes, it does.

If you have a higher stat than your opponent you are (a) likely to do more damage and (b) more likely to trigger some epic talents.

Now, I don't think (it's early Saturday, give me a break...) that the players have access to any random-firing epic talents (yet!) but your stats work in reverse as well, to help defend you.

So for example if a STR-based enemy comes at you with Relentless, if you have a low STR, his Relentless is more likely to trigger.

Dec 31, 2012
Thank you for your reply. It is important to me that you know how appreciative we are that you devote so much of your time in these forums helping out us pirates.

I am still a little confused. Are you saying that if I give my companion, El Toro for example, a 100% Stregnth boost and raise his strength stat higher than the enemy Swashbucklers, then he is more likely to do more damage and his Epic chances increase? Or would this only apply vs enemy Buccaneers?

If this applies verses all classes of enemies, then is this a special trait of the Strength stat or is this also true with Agility, Strength, and Will or do the Agility and Will play a different role other than increases Epic chances?

I hope I am not making my question too confusing.

Petty Officer
Jan 13, 2009
Ratbeard is right. If you buff an Agi based char with Str, they will do more damage I've found. If you get a Str buff, try a fight with and without buffing and you'll see different dmg numbers.

El Toro attacks with AGI, so if you want him to be good on offense, buff his AGI.

On the other hand, if you buff his STR, that will help him on defense against any attacker that uses STR.

Nov 23, 2011
Interesting. I knew that if Strength was bumped in a musketeer or whoever that it was still useful on defense from strength-based attacks (the text introduction to the game says something about that), but I had not known that the chance of epic talents triggering was also tied to the differential between the relative stats...which finally explains why my Bonnie Anns always seem to Burst Fire less frequently as I progress through the game - they are shooting against increasingly powerful enemies with better stat lines.