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stitching question

Feb 19, 2011
sorry if this sounds thick, but am i missing something? i'm trying to stitch my troggy chief's wand so it looks like my jolly roger jo staff but apparently this isn't possible. i can't figure out why. i can equip the jolly roger staff but i can't stitch it? this makes no sense to me. can someone explain what if anything i'm doing wrong?

Oct 15, 2010
The weapons have to work the same way, I believe. Not sure if this means staffy w/ staffy or they have to have the same attacks or what.

Although Eloise is good at what she does, she will not stitch weapons of conflicting types to each other. (You can't stitch "Staffy" weapons to "Staffy/Smashy" weapons, etc.)

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
May 09, 2013
hey, I have a similar question, what if you have two shields, and one has a halberd, and the other has a sword, is it possible to stitch? and, if one item is boosted by strength, and the other agility, and, you stitch one on each other, like, the strength to the agility, what will it be boosted by? 'cause most shields when your at the 30's, are boosted by agility, although I want strength, since I'm a privateer, but there is none in the 30's,