Stat Cap?

Dec 19, 2012
I was wondering 2 questions really.

1. Is our stat capped? What i mean is in the char screen where it has each stat it reads XX/100.

Is the 100 a cap?

2. If it is a cap will it be raised anytime soon?

I am asking because as soon as i get done farming for 2 items i will have a Will stat of 97.

Now thats with a few low level pieces,if i happen to run into a piece or two that gives higher will and can replace one or two of the low level pieces (if i like it) and it happens to push my will over 100 will it just stop at 100 or will it go over and give me my full stat count.

Oct 11, 2010
I have a buck friend with 123 strength it shows on his profile over the 100 amount.