silver stallion

Be Mine Beginner
Jan 06, 2013
im stuck, cant get past "talk to free ranger in silver stallion" tried number times to defeat them monsters..need help ,wats the catch ?

Puppy Lover
Dec 12, 2011
You might be in a bad 'quest-state' and need One-Eyed Jack to reset the quest for you...

Luv Ya Leader
Mar 10, 2009
I basically just focus my team on one enemy at a time so that, hopefully, each turn I take out one of them. That's one less to hit back at us. I use any buff that comes up and shield and heal carefully so that I don't over heal and waste any. I Hope this helps.

Puppy Lover
May 01, 2012
If I remember correctly, you first need to extinguish the Fires (this gets rid of the duck) and then you go around killing the bad guys. Don't attack the Duck except area-of-effect attacks because he's invulnerable at this point in the game. Otherwise, Chrissys's suggestions are great and will definitely work. Also, you probably need a few Rouses to heal your characters.

Hope this also helps and Good Luck.