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Significance of the number 101??

Oct 26, 2012
Dear KI, why did you add the numbers 101 after Wizard and Pirate? What is so speical about 101? Either way I like it and really show deep gaming respect to this magnificent game

I think the wikipedia definition may help you out!

"The first course in a subject taught at a college or university in Australia, Canada, South Africa, or the United States. By extension, 'Topic 101' is used generally to indicate the basics of any subject. Used this way, it is always pronounced 'one-oh-one'"

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Sep 20, 2009
I don't want to disagree with Wiki, (or maybe I do) but I know in Canada that university and college courses are not labled 101, 102, etc. Generally the classes' code is created by a set of numbers that relate to the faculty, departement, year, and class section. For example a first year introductory class from the University I went to would be: 0302167, which would be 03 for faculty of science, 02 for department of biology, 1 for first year, 67 for the class section. The number has nothing to do with the course being and introductory course or not.

I'm assuming since Golden Guardian asked this question first, it's probably something similar in Australia.