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shooty critical issue

Dec 30, 2011
Okay, i wasnt sure where i should put this issue so here we go. I am a privateer who decided to use mojo as my second form of attacking, which is awesome, but recently have been coming across privateer gear with musketeer abilities, aka grapeshot, and even shooty criticalx2. here is where my problem lies, I like having the slashy/shooty weapon combo so i can use musketeer abilities then run in for the kill, i can use grapeshot and the like with my slashy/shooty weapon set, but it wont let me use the criticax2 ability even though i have a shooty weapon equiped. I understand i am holding a sword as well, but even standing next to an enemy with it wont let me use it. now when i equiped a set of pearl handled peacemakers i got from a privateer quest i could use that ability just fine. BUT my bonuses come from strength and will. I dont want to have to use a weapon that uses agility for its bonus to have to use this criticalx2. On another note, when i have gear that has the criticalx2 with slashy/smashy/stabby weapons, there is no issue when i have the sword gun combo. is it wrong of me to say that it a little unfair to have one work with the combo and not the other?

please explain to me, why i have to have an actual shooty weapon but not a combo to use this criticalx2 ability? i know that the slashy/shooty weapons have a critical cut scene, why cant that be used? plus both the grapeshot and similar abilities have the symbol for shooty weapons on the bottom as does the criticalx2, but like i stated i can only use guns with the critical x2, which to me is wonky.

Thx for reading

Alexander Voss
Flint Moone