Ship still "coming unglued" from the windlane

May 27, 2009
I thought that this issue had been fixed in Beta, but my ships still fly off of the windlanes at the sharper curves. This has happened on the way to Jonah Town from Skull Island, and in Monquista when leaving La Mancha for Monquista City. It happened with a skiff and a galleon. Granted, it's not a major deal, but I tend to read forums and other stuff while sailing, so if I don't keep one eye on my ship, I find myself in battle against skyway enemies I didn't intend to fight.

Sep 08, 2008
Well, I do have to say, if you want to play a game, you should have to pay attention to it. Whole point of a game, no?

Community Leader
I have had this problem as well. It can put us in quite a precarious position.

As for paying attention to the game. The only way to resolve the issue is if you are flying the ship 100% of the time, and never rely on a windlane. Which would pretty much eliminate the purpose of windlanes in the first place.

I have gone into a stormgate, and my ship miss a turn and be fighting the mobs in the stormgate in a matter of seconds. Paying attention would not have resolved the issue unless I was sailing my ship manually (defeating the purpose of a windlane).

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