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Ship Glitch?

Dec 29, 2010
In cool ranch, there's a quest where you must defeat black storm raiders (a ship group) and collect their feathers. i've defeated nearly 20 ships without one feather. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I've defeated their ship manually, through battle, whether by boarding them or being boarded, etc. I'm so confused

-edit: resolved my issue

Apr 28, 2012
Unfortunately, you didn't mention the name of the quest where you are supposed to defeat the Black Storm Raider Ships. There are several quests in Cool Ranch that require you to defeat Black Storm Raider Ships
The specific quest should state in what Skyway you are to defeat these ships. I think that you are referring to the quest "Curses!" which means that the Black Storm Raider Ships you need to defeat are in the Santa Pollo Skyway. If those aren't the ones, try Big Sky Skyway next and Tumbleweed Skyway last.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!