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Seasoned Skyrunner

Jul 06, 2008
I checked the Pirate101 Central list, and it had 28 quests. I checked through them all but still don't have the badge. I am on a Mac using Crossover. Any suggestions/ideas? ~ Helpful Michael Iveson, Level 11

Dec 31, 2012
There are some quests that are easy to miss. The most commonly missed quests in Book 1 are:

1. Lost & Found, because people forget to retrieve Mr. Harker's cane after they defeat Fin Dorsal.

2. A Flask of Pure Gold & A Dash of Bitters, because people forget to talk to Rosey Harriot at in the Skull Island weapon store.

3. That's a Spicy Rat Haul & The Rat Pack Must Pay, because people forget to check in with the Frogfather after running around in Flotsam.

Hope this helps.

Talon Devereaux

Jul 06, 2008
@Above, I have already completed all of those as well, but thanks anyways!

~ Helpful Michael Iveson

Petty Officer
Nov 28, 2008
Go inside the weapons store on Skull Island. Rosey Harriet was one of the most common missed quests in beta for that badge.