Sargossa Sea Scrapping? No! Reinvent please!

May 06, 2009
So after doing a little more extensive work, I found out that the Sargossa Sea, a concept, was a planned to be used as a skyway (or skyway area) in Darkmoor as it presented some possible adventures in the World. However, J. Todd Coleman (when he still worked here) said the idea couldn't proccess well into a 3D model for game use. So in the end the idea was scrapped.

I don't think KI should scrap the idea at all and I hope I'm saying this before they've finished like 50% of pre-release work on Darkmoor or whatever world this concept was to go to.. I think they should reinvent the design, adjust it more to better fit the game and come as close to the concept, as it can go. I was looking at the Scylla creature in Aquila and I actually mistook it for the Sargossa Sea. With that, I think KI should base the Sargossa Sea off the Scylla monster, maybe turn it so it can better look like a sea and add a few more ruined ships and green tentacles and yellow eyes to fit the concept. I feel like that would work.
If the Pirate101 team has already tried every option they can think of to make the Sargossa Sea work (which I hope they haven't), and the graphics team is content that this is not worth the effort, then may I strongly suggest leaving room in Darkmoor to sort off leave a story or a build off point to releave interesting this on this Sea or letting it pop up in dialogue and the Darkmoor story. But don't completely throw it in the trash!

Since for now the Sargossa Sea has been said to be "scrapped" and already known for the public, I'm curious to know somethings:

1. What were the problems coming up in the modeling stage of this area?

2. Who came up the concept and what were the original ideas of using it? (I can feel this would be a lot of telling so, you can be as oblique with the answers to not reveal to much)

3. Did it play a major role in the outlined story for Darkmoor?