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Resistance Stats Display Issue

Dec 19, 2012
Yesterday me and some other witchdoctors was in the brawling hall talking stats when the topic over resist came up and about how much we had.
Several people said i had 94 resist but when i looked myself it says 118.A friend asked me for help and i ported to him right before we enter the instance i ask him to look at tell me what the resist stat said and again he said it was 94.

I said thats odd cuz it says 118 well when we had entered the instance he looked again and this time he said its reading the 118.

My question is is this something that was intended where some stats read a differ number outside of battle or do i have some kinda odd glitch?

Cruel Darius Blake(65)

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Dec 19, 2012
still need a reply over this wanting to make sure nuthing is wrong with my setup.

Cruel Darius Blake(65)

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
I was wondering why the stats never seem to show up on a friend until we actually teleport to them, or if they are there they are outdated and only correct when we are near them. Many times I have congratulated someone for reaching a certain level only to find out they passed it quite a bit ago. And a lot of times when I try to look at their stats it shows them as having nothing equipped, that is until I get physically near them.

Dread Pirate
Mar 22, 2012
One of our testers checked this out to see if it was a bug and his report back to me was as follows, "If the players were in different areas, or one was in combat and the others were not, this can affect the displays and make them appear incorrect. The stats page doesn't live-update, so if the character requesting help had the character open in his friend list, that could explain why the display was incorrect until they joined the same encounter, causing the player’s stats display to update."

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*