Renaming Companions

Feb 09, 2012
I'm sure this has been something on the mind of all P101 players at this point, but I'm just wondering if KI would be good enough to implement a renaming system for companions?

Anybody who's played games in the past with a similar combat system (I.E. Final Fantasy Tactics, Gladius, Etc.) would be able to say that it would go a long way to making a crew much more personal to the player. Right now I suppose it isn't a big deal prior to the game's launch, but I know I'm not alone when I say that I'm not looking forward to seeing a thousand other Kobi Yojimbos (first gained companion of Buccaneers) running around along with mine come October 15th. The ability to rename a companion with your own custom name will make a player feel unique, and like I said, make the crew feel more like my crew...rather than a crew that's shared with everyone else. You can rename pets and ships, so companions would be the next logical step I believe.

Keep up the great work KI, I'm really enjoying the game so far and I can only hope that the company takes the renaming of companions as a serious consideration.

Jul 06, 2010
I've been wondering the same thing since I started playing this. Even if it's decided we can't rename the companions who are named during the quests/cut-scenes, we should at least be able to rename the ones we get from bundles, events and the beginning of the game. Anyone else?

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That is a fantastic idea! I'd love the chance to rename the non-story-specific companions.

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Although interesting, my circle of friends already has nifty nick names for all the companions. We like referring to them by the same name so we know which companion our friend is referring to.

If names were to be changed, we would be very confused!!! How can you recommend to your friend that they do a particular move with their "Wagyu" companion, if they have changed the name?! Trying to remember 12 different friends, 3+ different pirates, and their 20+ companions eachs special names would be an entirely new challenge. Who has time as it is to review and determine the names of the players on the board?

Sounds really cool for those that are the solo type, but those that play in groups/teams would be thoroughly confused.

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For the companions with randomly generated names, like the Ninja Pig, Cat Pirate, and the Privateer's Monquistador priest, I'd like the option of renaming them for gold from their list of possible choices. It could work like the pet and ship renaming, with choices on wheels, with the price somewhere between renaming a pet and renaming a ship of an equivalent level to the companion.

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Aug 13, 2010
I agree with this on a few conditions.

-Obviously 'main character' Companions like Bonnie, Ratbeard and El Toro should not be rename-able because other NPCs call them by name.

But for Crowns Companions and other Companions with randomly generated names, I would definitely support this idea, and would pay Crowns for it. I learned that Cat Pirates can have the surname "O'Leary" and that Cutthroat Pirates can have the name "Bruce"... I'd love to change the names of my Companions for that reason alone!

Oct 16, 2012
I've been wondering that,too like,for example,I would very likely rename my Bonnie Anne to something that I like,for example Charlotte Sparks or something. Bonnie Anne

Mar 07, 2009
Renaming companions For me their names are fine. Even if they make it available I would keep their names as is. I would be more interested in stitching, like in wizard. just no gardening please!!

Dec 25, 2010
I wanted to rename Fin to Bruce. I would love to rename crown pirates! :D

Jun 18, 2012
if they renamed companions the way they renamed pets no one would do it and if they let players type new names it would end up like people having bad words in the names

Nov 26, 2012
mario664411 on Nov 30, 2012 wrote:
if they renamed companions the way they renamed pets no one would do it and if they let players type new names it would end up like people having bad words in the names
This is not necessarily true. They block bad words in chat on P101, so they could easily block them when typing out names by not allowing you to type certain words and such.

Now onto the main topic. I don't think companions should be able to be renamed. I think the names are fine and dandy how they are right now. Plus, a lot of them are referred to in the game by a certain name by the other characters. It could really screw things up IMO. I think things in this department should be left the way they are.

I am not afraid of change or anything, but this is one change I would not be a fan of. Personally, I doubt it will happen.