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Realm changes.... Poof your somewhere else!

Community Leader
I have noticed when trying to coordinate my friends wanting to board my ship to ride to the next destination, that frequently upon unbottling my ship, I am immediately sent to a different realm/area separating myself from my friends. I understand the situation is usually too many ships at the docks, etc, but this is very disorienting, is there some way we can be told, the realms full and moving us to realm/area "xyz" ??? I find ourselves losing our friends frequently requiring everyone to port to get back together, when they never left each others sides in the first place!!!

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Apr 28, 2012
Suggestion: Start off in one of the other Realms with your friends - not either of the first two. That will make it easier. Or meet up in the main Realm and then change Realms when everyone is there.

Thanks! This has been forwarded on to the designers to take a look at.

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