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Quick question for developers...

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
Blind Mew, Ratbeard, or Sarah Steele, or whoever on the P101 team, I've sent the idea of Dungeon Checkpoints a little long ago because I really want to see them added to the game. If Pirate101 is going to have longer dungeons in future updates, then would you consider add in checkpoints to longer dungeons? I would enjoy taking breaks for longer instance adventures and coming back to finish them, with or without Pirates partaking. Besides, it would save Pirates much frustration of having to complete a single long dungeon in one time without checkpoints in them, not to mention the strain, pain, and aches for taking too long to clear a very long dungeon. If this happens, I would also like to see that made in Wizard101, too, being as the game continues on with the longer dungeons and all. I'm sure plenty of Pirates have agreed to that idea, so do you, too? Think of this request. Thanks for replying!

Petty Officer
Nov 15, 2012
i wouldn't mind seeing it in the game because if you need to leave to go some place you'll have to go back into the Dungeon if you flee then you need to collect the stuff again.

so i would really like to see a check point also :)

lvl 53 musketeer