Questions/comments for Ratbeard and Jack

Aug 26, 2009
Hello guys!

First of all, I wanted to thank you all for responding so frequently to posts on the boards, it's great to know we're being heard. I just had a few questions and comments I've been thinking about for a while, and thought I'd post now...

1. A long time ago many people were talking about flag dying and I remember you saying something like that you're listening and this is a highly requested feature, but now it's been many months and still no change. Is this still a possibility or did that die?

2. I wonder if you would consider making the companion points cheaper than they are now? I have a few pirates that don't take any sidequests that award companions anymore, because when you have fewer friends, they can all be high levels and the party is more successful. If companion points were cheaper, maybe it would be less of an inconvenience to get more companions. As of now, I like playing my pirates with fewest companions, because they are much easier to keep stronger.

3. How is the person targeted for the double tap ability determined? Is it by luck or remaining health or something?

4. Is Marleybone and Aquila's difficulty pretty set now, or might it change still? I heard you say once that you should expect to lose friends in most battles, that it was how the game was designed. I can't argue with that, although the first 50 levels of the game don't function like that. It wasn't a struggle to keep everyone alive, and I think many people enjoyed that. I think people are not having as much fun with it now because it's proportionately harder than anything else was. The enemies are getting harder, but we're not getting that much better proportionately.

5. Does any school get relentless as an epic talent to be trained? It might be a good choice for Buccaneer, since they should be the fierce strong warriors that don't give up and keep hitting. In other words, it fits their theme while adding a bonus to that still suffering class.

6. The recent changes you made are really great as well. Giving more talents to some companions, stitching, bazaar, especially boat battles, and other things are really wonderful, so well done on those changes too!

Thank you for your time and hopefully you can shed some light on my questions!

Oct 27, 2009
I'm not Jack or Ratbeard, but I have some guesses to answer some of your questions. On dyeing flags, I'm thinking it might be technically difficult. We picked the colors at the very start to identify ourselves, before we entered the game proper. It might be that messing with that might have unexpected bad game effects. I have the feeling it is much different programming wise than just dying an outfit. Socially, it is part of how our friends know which one we are, and might cause some confusion. K I likes to keep us happy and it is much desired by many, so if they can code it, it might happen. There is always the make a new pirate with a better flag option too.
I don't think companion points will be made cheaper. I find that keeping my crew 3 or 4 levels below me, and leveling them up after I level up, I get more leveling for my training tomes. I do pretty well getting my crew high level with mostly quest given tomes. I do selectively buy some training tomes, and always want to have a full 10 (or more) before I do something that would level me up. Invest in training your first mate a little better than the others. It works fine in fights.
I notice the one hit by double tap is often someone targeted by me or other of my crew. When those are out of range, it seems random.
It sounds like K I is happy about the current difficulty. There was an admin post about them knowing the real numbers on how often people get defeated and it is much less than people are saying. I think better strategy might help. Are you thinking defensively? Like if it's witchdoctors you are fighting, are all your crew diagonal to each other letting them all be hit at one time? If it's musketeers, are you spreading out to avoid their group pattern hits? Do you have musketeers shooting at buccaneers to avoid multiple vengence strikes?